Solution summary
Nutricheck is a digital solution primarily for nursing homes and hospitals to keep the patient updated about his or her dietary requirements during the treatment process and eliminate the confusion between different stakeholders and interactions.
Need for intervention
The goal of this service is to make the dreaded process of eating, what is commonly called ‘sick people food’, a delightful experience, while keeping in mind the restrictions and dietary timetables and eliminating miscommunication between people.
Project responsibilities
Conducting user research, understanding the current hospital-patient interaction systems and creating deliverables in the form of content, digital prototypes along with service delivery.

Project partner
Team - Aditi Soni, Saumya Singhal
A patient’s diet is crucial to their healing process and needs monitoring, especially when admitted in a hospital.
Most surgeries and treatments demand a very strict and specific diet to be followed. Patients worldwide face problems understanding their specific dietary needs which keep fluctuating when they are in the hospital, due to various reasons like complexity of the diets and absence of constant monitoring. They fail to follow the diet regime due to ignorance, forgetfulness, communication problems with the doctor, etc. This can lead to health complications, treatment errors and operative problems.

While the nutritional needs were around one person, there were multiple players engaging with it, creating confusion and miscommunication, especially around Indian hospitals.
Research synthesis
Urgent need for a monitored and visible diet plan to keep everyone in the system updated and informed and reduce errors caused due to confusion.
“I have to cancel many surgeries because the patients eat something without informing us and the sugar levels aren’t the desired amounts.”
“What is the point of explaining the patient about the diet? We (family) are the ones who cook for them or take care of these needs at home.”
How might we create a system for patient’s nutrition communication, to prevent misunderstanding and increase collaborative care within hospitals?
The concept of Nutricheck revolves around creating a system of communication for all the key players to aid the patient’s nutritional information, primarily in the hospital.
Nutricheck is a digital service designed to aid a patient’s nutritional information in a way where different stakeholders interact with it differently. While it emphasises on the technically appropriate medical components of the information for the doctors and other caregivers at the hospital, it also creates an easy to use and simple structure for the patient and the family. It is also designed such that the dietary information can be transferred to the family member once the patient is discharged so that the care needed continues, irrespective of the surrounding.
01. Home screen
The dynamic home screen displays the basic information needed in a glance like the current diet plan and doctor in-charge. It shows a new song everyday as ‘Song of the Day’ so the user can sit back and enjoy the music discovery, according to the user’s previous likes and search history. It engages the patient passively, with minimum effort and nothing could be more healing and soothing than music!
02. Diet plan
The diet plan breaks down the dietary requirements of the patient by food categories. It tells the dos and don’ts while on the diet for each food category. It shows recipes using all the information from the diet plan, made only with ingredients that are ‘allowed’ to be consumed while on the diet.
03. Recipes
Every recipe across diets can be found here. Filters curate the recipe list for you based on the current diet you are following, which is set as default and can be changed anytime! Filters like vegan, gluten free, etc makes it completely customisable, pertaining to all kinds of user needs. It also eliminates any food allergen the patient might have, as default, and shows recipes without the particular ingredients.
04. Patient profile
All the information needed by the doctor, dieticians or patient can be found in the patient’s profile page. Every detail can be set or changed from here, only by the healthcare professionals in the hospital.
The placement is such that the patient can ergonomically use the application without any discomfort.
Nutricheck is placed on the intravenous stand, near the patient. It gives easy access to the patient, doctor, and everyone else involved. It can move around the rod and turn to face the patient, or anyone standing around it and would always have a designated place, beside each bed.
Taking it further
For the caregivers, once the patient is discharged.
Once the patient is discharged and ready to go, the hospital appoints one family member to be the at home care-giver. As a result all the dietary needs and plans get sent to this caregiver with frequent session with the dietician. This is done to provide continued care and support to the patient, especially in chronic conditions where family becomes the supporter soon after the visit at the hospital is over.

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