Solution summary
Learning Pods is a road map to build a community of practice for knowledge around systems thinking. With UNDP and their City Experiment Fund initiative, we explored continued learning in country offices for growing organisational capability by a series of tools and interventions to embed a learning infrastructure within internal programmes. This project is currently ongoing and being adapted within UNDP initiatives.

Need for intervention
UNDP supports and drives development in complex systems across the world. And now they’re rethinking the way they innovate and implement change. That means building capability from the bottom by leading their Country Offices through new systems thinking and non-traditional innovation methods that they can take forward into their practice. And when UNDP tries to change something as fundamental as the way they innovate, it’s the people doing the work on the ground — building relationships, making things happen — that have to change how they think and plan for the future. Therefore, we worked with this organisation’s initiative called the City Experiment Fund to start small and help them build an efficient learning infrastructure for systems thinking capabilities.
Project responsibilities
This project involved working remotely, across 7 different geographies, conducting qualitative research via methodologies like in-depth interviews, workshops and shadowing. We also got the opportunity to work across various stakeholder expectations and introduce service design thinking into a renowned international development organisation.

Project partner
Team - Aditi Soni, Richard Larsen
Project vision in 30 seconds
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